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Peterson Fuel Environmental Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality marine diesel fuel service to its customers in the safest, cleanest and most efficient manner.

Peterson Fuel Delivery is committed to utilizing the skills and knowledge of its captains to maintain the physical and environmental waterways of the residents, businesses, visitors, marine and yachting community, making it a sustainable and desirable place to live, work and visit. We follow local, state and federal USCG rules and regulations.

Employees of Peterson Fuel Delivery strive to provide top quality, professional, effective, and timely services. We do this by focusing on a commitment to maintaining a highly skilled work force and concentrating on our professional relationships with our customers, venders and the boating community.


Peterson Fuel Delivery is a member of the following marine, yacht, & boating organizations:

Marine Industries Association of South Florida US Super Yacht Association Port Everglades Association Seafarers House

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